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A Smartphone App that allows you to tip your favorite stripper, cam girl or adult entertainer. Think Paypal or Venmo, but for adult services. You are sitting at the rack, you run out of ones.... rather than have to get up, go to the ATM, pay a huge fee... all you have to do is ask your dancer what her email is... and bam with one click, your tip hits that Strippers account so fast she drops those panties. She gets a notification instantly on her phone that tells her you've been a good boy and paid.

Strippers, Cam Girls, Porn stars can use this app to accept payments. They can create online profiles with photos, and information about what websites they are on, what clubs they dance at. Entertainers can keep tabs on their best customers, send out mass emails for upcoming events and promos etc. Customers can keep track of their favorite dancers/entertainers. Currently there is no smart phone app that provides payments for adult services. A small transaction fee would be added for each transaction. Transactions can be kept discrete and the app on the phone would also be discrete. Think Venmo, but for adults!


I've been producing, managing and running my own online fetish clip, cam and phone sex sites, for over 6 years. I've always had problems with platforms taking huge chunks- up to 30 percent for tips and transactions. Dancers and online sex workers can use this app, and make more money- which will entice them to take payments this way with this smartphone app. With my knowledge and experience with online porn and the fetish industry, I have many connections that will allow this app to spread like wild fire. I think strippers will like the convenience of not having to walk out of the club with tons of cash, they will feel safer knowing it's gone straight to their bank accounts. I also feel the convenience will make it easier for entertainers to get paid, thus having the possibility of driving more of an income. With the start up money, I will hire a team to mimic an application similar to Venmo, making it safe, discrete and easy to pay your favorite entertainers!

The budget for the stripper tipper, would be 10,000.00. The money would be used  for creating the application, building the platform website for users, and marketing. 


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Users who pledge will be able to use the app without any service charge and be honorary members of the site. Honorary members will be rewarded with free clips and photos. Users who are in the adult entertainment industry will get free business cards, and free advertising for their websites, clubs they dance at, and services.

Estimated delivery : 12/2012

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