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The Rentboy Next Door

About The Project

I have spent the last several years sucessfully working under cover as a high end male escort for an elite agency.  I have traveled the country with clients and seen and done some mind blowing things.  During that time, I have also met and worked with some of the hottest and most successful male escorts in the industry.  We have seen or been part of almost everything a sex worker can encounter, BDSM, crazy clients, extreme role play, kink, porn, sex from vanilla to rainbow, and elaborate fantasy fullfillment -- and now its time to come clean.  I am currently developing a film based on interviews, stories and reinactments that shows the real scenes top male escorts encounter from BDSM, extensive roleplay, vanilla escorting, porn requests, and some seriously strange stuff. 

I have the  all the contacts to bring exclusive stories and unseen footage of the country's hottest escorts as they discuss their most outrageous encounters and how they juggle it all behind the scenes. The film's initial outline and working story boards are completed.  This project is unique to the genre blending a behind the scenes look at the gay sex workers leading the industry and appealing to the voyuer audience.

At this time, I am looking to raise start up funds from investors for video crew, editing, promotion and photography.

Finacial pledges will recieve:  copies of exclusive photography of the sex workers involved, excerpts and out takes from the film, and/or access to live video chat with the escorts based on the members financial pledge level. 


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Exclusive stills of the escorts featured as they were shot for the film.

Estimated delivery : 12/2012

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Exclusive live cam chat with some of the escorts featured in the film so you can get a first hand look and feel for the project. Ask them anything...

Estimated delivery : 01/2013

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