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The Bipartisan Slash (political satire)

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  • Mid-October

    I originally had a series of increasingly saucy images for updates, but I can't seem to find the tamer ones. So at the bottom of this message, you'll find a rather undressed president that is NSFW.



    It's mid-October. The fact that much of my current professional work has been in non-adult genres has made me timid about promoting this project, and it hasn't been as popular as I'd hoped with my inner sanctum of adult-friendly associates. I had tentative plans to do a series of…

About The Project

EDIT: We've reached the 30 votes needed to start actively raising funds! I'm going to get a marketing campaign ready and make some adjustments to the project. Feel free to still vote- that'll sign you up for updates!

This comic project features two ongoing stories of love and lust in politics: in the first, Republican Candidate R. Money sacrifices the progressive LGBT policies from his days as governor in order to get in bed with the radical wing of his party. But he finds himself being manipulated into increasingly conservative stances- find out the REAL reasons for his stance on gay marriage and banning internet porn...


Story two follows Mr. President. When he won the Nobel Peace Prize, the Military-Industrial Complex was worried they'd lose some of their traction. In desperation, they create a cutting edge love bot- giving whole new meaning to the phrase 'unmanned drone.' Discover the role this strange love has played in America's foreign policies, from bombings in Libya to legalizing indefinite detention on American soil...

As a bonus story: When Ron Paul hosts an orgy, will his top aides finally show him the benefit of lending a helping a hand- or will he stubbornly insist that enlightened self-interest will take care of everything? As an extra special bonus, both R. Money and Mr. President will make a guest appearance and show how third party candidates ALWAYS get fucked by the two party system...

What's the project all about?

Equal parts political satire and good ol' fashioned homoerotic images, the Bipartisan Slash is a new comic project featuring contemporary politicians, pundits, and other noteworthy figures as they handle the issues of the day (and each other). You know you're going to get sick of seeing their pearly whites after the next few months- so this is your chance to see an entirely different side of those rascally figures.

We all know politicians deserve a good pounding. With your help, I can make that happen. It's not politics as normal- it's way better. 

Funding Milestones

This project is split between pin-ups and satirical comics. The satirical comics will be available online in rated-R form, but the uncensored copies and the pin-ups will be exclusive to project sponsors. Pin-ups will be divided into sets, with sponsors getting to vote on which sets and pairings are showcased!

$500- 20 pin-ups, 20 comic installments. Focuses on story one. You'll be SHOCKED when R. Money's running partner seduces him: "pretend I'm the middle class and fuck me..."

$1,000- 30 pin-ups, 30 comic installments. Includes story one and story two. You'll be TITILLATED when Clinton is approached about speaking at the national convention, he tells Obama "You'll have to use your mouth if you want me to use mine..." 

$1,500- 35 pin-ups, 45 comic installments. Includes bonus story.

$2,000- 40 pin-ups. 60 comic installments.  

The Rewards

Some of the rewards are pretty straightforward. Everyone gets a vote on which pin-up sets get drawn. Larger sponsors get a few more options and high-resolution copies of the pin-ups.

Use common sense with custom requests: if it's not allowed on this site (bestiality, pedophilia, etc), I'm not drawing it. If you make a request that'd be illegal, I reserve the right to reinterpret it creatively. The next person that mentions Romney's dancing horse gets smacked upside the head.

What the money goes towards

All money goes towards paying the artist and recovering marketing expenses. Which is a formal way of saying it'll go towards paying off my student loans and keeping my electricity on for another month. The more funding, the more story I'll commit to telling.

About the Artist

As you might guess from the adorable art, my main sources of freelance work are caricatures and children's books. Shh... don't tell anybody I'm doing this.

I spent four out of my eight years in college as a political cartoonist, winning more second place awards for my cartoons than I care to count. My writing and art has been recognized on regional and national levels and I have a 500 page anthology of comic material I made in 2011 (about 180 pages of which is political satire), One of my writing gigs was freelancing for a sex column and I loved it.

Politically, I consider myself transpartisan: whenever my socialist friends and my libertarian friends agree on something, I'm probably out there leading the charge. If I can't justify it to both groups, though, I'm fairly hands off. At my most extreme, I led a coalition of Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, and Socialists to get a local city ordinance changed. Got my lovely mug on the front page of the newspaper. Not shabby.



All likenesses are used for satirical purposes. Events, as depicted, are entirely fictional. This is primarily for fun, but critical thought is still encouraged.

While nothing in this comic should be miscontrued as true, the real world isn't necesarily any less bizarre- it's just bizarre in different ways.




Achieved of $500 Goal


Project not yet started

Project is not publicly viewable. Pending launch by creator.

Rewards Available

Support by pledging money.

Pledge $10 or more

0 Supporters

A subscription to the project and access to all exclusive pin-ups. Subscribers get early copies of all the comics!

Estimated delivery : 10/2012

Pledge $25 or more

0 Supporters

As above, plus voting privileges on exclusive content. You get to help decide which pin-up sets get drawn!

Estimated delivery : 10/2012

Pledge $75 or more

0 Supporters

As above, plus access to high-resolution copies of all pin-ups and the option to have a link of your choice on our project sponsors list. As an extra bonus, you get to add a pairing of your choice to the ballots!

Estimated delivery : 10/2012

Pledge $150 or more

0 Supporters (8 of 8 remaining)

As above, plus your pairing is guaranteed to show up as a pin-up set. After all, big spenders always set the agenda, right?

As an extra special bonus, I'll draw one of the political aides or military officials to look like you!

Estimated delivery : 10/2012

Pledge $250 or more

0 Supporters (4 of 4 remaining)

As $150, except your character is guaranteed to have a speaking role and will have a personality based on your description!

Estimated delivery : 10/2012

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