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Voted on August 13, 2012


Voted on August 13, 2012

Dickie Butterbottom

Voted on August 13, 2012

Looks like a great alternative to the current lame crop of porn sites. Good luck!


Voted on August 13, 2012

thumbs up keep pushin


Voted on August 13, 2012

Nothing right now.


Voted on August 14, 2012


Voted on August 14, 2012

If I can watch Tilly McReese take a cock, I'm game.


Voted on August 14, 2012


Voted on August 14, 2012

Benic the Way

Voted on August 14, 2012

Good stuff! Love the introduction video :)


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Pledge $50 or more

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6 months of unlimited access to the website and early beta access.

Estimated delivery : 12/2012

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An exclusive Tilly Mc Reese solo video only for Offbeatr, shot in HD and shipped on a DVD along with a pair of used panties matching the ones in the video.

Estimated delivery : 10/2012

Pledge $500 or more

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10 lucky people will get a custom video from Tilly Mc Reese. You get to pick the theme and any dialogue you'd like her to say in her sexy Irish accent.

Estimated delivery : 10/2012

Products Available

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$5 - Blooper Reel/Behind the Scenes

Files: 1 files (82.01 MB)

A few outtakes from our first shoots... as we gear up to produce more content this video is sure to grow in size.... right now it clocks in at about 2 and half minutes

Media Type : Videos

$5 - Prototype POV

Files: 1 files (747.06 MB)

Before there were the Super Fuck Friends, there was just a photographer and a very horny Irish model that wanted to get into porn. This is our very bad attempt at making a POV video... complete with cheesy inner dialogue, a fake penis that barely worked right, and poorly lit mostly out of focus video... it's definitely more funny than it is sexy... but also a look at Jezebel's natural hair color and unshaved pussy.

Media Type : Videos

$5 - Sophia Wilde photoshoot

Files: 1 files (156.40 MB)

My first shoot with Sophia, we were submitting these shots to a men's magazine that will go unnamed... but the photos were rejected and never released to the public... until now! All images are in 16 megapixel, so you can see every detail of her amazing tits before we do our first official shoot for Super Fuck Friends.

Media Type : Images

$15 - Pepper Kester bakes some cookies

Files: 2 files (1.19 GB)

Honorary Super Fuck Friend Pepper Kester shows how she likes to bake cookies... and also takes a time out to fuck a banana and enjoy a glass of milk. This is an exclusive video and in 720p because of Offbeatr size limits, the 1080p version will be included in the website launch. Also included is a zipset of 144 photos

Media Type : Mixed Media

$20 - Redheads do it better

Files: 2 files (1.28 GB)

The shoot that gave birth to the concept of Super Fuck Friends! Tilly has her first on camera experience with a girl (under the name Jezebel Foxx), that just happens to be Pepper Kester. Dirty Laundry, magic wands, strap ons, squirts, this video has it all! Also included is a zipset of 95 ultra high resolution images, all without watermarks. This is an exclusive video just shot on July 11th. Also keep in mind this purchase is for personal use only, it does not come with ID shots and releases and is not to be resold.

Media Type : Mixed Media

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A collective group of a photographer and several hot models... tired of facing rejections we've decided to launch our own site.

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