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Sexpexfex.com - Lesbi version of online sex simulator

About The Project


Sexpexfex is an easy-to-play browser game and a dating service that allows you to have sex online. 

At Sexpexfex you can customize your character, to have online sex with your real or random partner
(like in Сhatroulette). 


When user is in the room with his or her partner, they can chat and, if  both are willing to, proceed to having sex, or quit, if they aren't.
To suggest a sexual position, user clicks the icon of the chosen position, and the same icon starts to blink at his or her partner's screen. Partner may either agree to use it by clicking on it, or make a new suggestion.

Here it looks like:



Beta-version with basic functionality was lanched at sexpexfex.com.



We want to develop the project and to create a lesbi option.

In lesbi version we'll make a new option - face customization allowing to create the face you like best.

Another good thing is - when searching a random partner we'll never have a lot of men queing (as it happens now). Any woman can talk (and more :) with any other woman inside the game.

We have a lack of funds so we need money for some outsource workers.

Thank you for reading and have a good luck! ( :







Achieved of $3,000 Goal


Project not yet started

Project is not publicly viewable. Pending launch by creator.

Rewards Available

Support by pledging money.

Pledge $10 or more

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We'll give every single supporter VIP status in sexpexfex.com (lesbi or man-woman version). With VIP status every player can use some extra positions, receive more $pfs (game currency) and get some other benefits.

Estimated delivery : 11/2012

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