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  • DVD arrival time

    Hi all,

    I've been getting some questions about the DVD arrival date, which is fair cos we're a bit behind!  We added a few extra features to the DVD which put us back a bit because we outsource our sound editing.  We are printing on the 24th so everything will go out that last week of Feb and arrive by early March.  If your postal address has changed at all, please let us know! 

    The prints will also go out at this time (or for those who selected this, they will be…


    Hi all,

    Thank you for helping us get over the line and for making this campaign a successful one. 

    In order to administrate the rewards, we've send out a survey for each reward level to collect the details we need to send out the rewards.  Please take a few minutes to fill out your survey so that we can process everything and start getting these things into your hands!

    I made a small but important omisison in the surveys for the $65 and $100 levels: I need your email address.  For…

  • Point of Clarification: $500 Award Level

    I've had a few questions about the $500 award level pertaining to this part of the package:

    (1) a 1 hour skype session with Gala Vanting OR a 15-minute film directed by you and starring Gala Vanting

    The intent of this particular award was to offer something personalised to fans of my work as a performer.  The film will be produced and edited by me, Gala Vanting.  Like all of the work that I do, direction is collaborative, so if you are thinking about indulging yourself in this…

About The Project

Sensate Films is an Australia-based producer of premium-quality, process-based erotic media. We like to call it 'slow porn'. If you'd like to read a bit about the characteristics and ethics of our work, go here and here.

Basically, we create (really) beautiful erotic films for diverse audiences. We value authenticity of performances and revelations, high production values, and a collaborative process of production. Last year we produced 6 short films, won 3 international accolades, and travelled to two continents (not counting home) to screen and support them. We are moved by the response to the films, but since love often specifically doesn't equal money, we're here on Offbeatr to get a little bit of the latter so that we can keep on making the former.

Our films have addressed quite a few different erotic subjects, from a woman's fascination with lovers' hands to the push-pull of BDSM play, but the core principle around which all of them are based is intimacy. We can tell you what we do, but it's probably better to show you, so please have a look at our showreel if you haven't done so already. https://vimeo.com/61990269 You can also browse sensatefilms.com for stills and synopses for all of our productions.

We're proud to be raising funds for our own camera & sound kit (READ: PRODUCTION INDEPENDENCE) on Offbeatr.  In order for us to produce sustainably into the future, and to begin offering work to local performers (READ: ECONOMIC VIABILITY), we need your support, and we encourage you to tap into the Offbeatr network to have your say in independent adult projects happening all over the globe.

In 2014 we'd like to play a lot more with erotic documentary, and the first production we have planned explores the diverse styles of relating that flow from connections based in kink and BDSM. At its core, BDSM is a mode of intimacy, and we wish to contribute something valuable to the growing body of stories and images which bust popular myths about kink relationships and the people within them. By exploring a diversity of types of relationships built around kink and providing a space for subjects to show us what theirs really looks like, we want to soften the edges of mainstream representations of kink and treat the subject and the community with the respect it deserves.

We will also turn our lenses to a whole bunch of other beautifully explicit sex projects, including a series focussing on real-life partners and their lived intimacies; some exclusive premium-quality pieces for Dusk TV (The Netherlands); further additions to our 'Femmetasms' series of video montage pieces addressing 'female fantasies'; an ongoing series for makelovenotporn.tv, and a multitude of other bits and pieces that are begging to be set free from our 'pre-production' pile.

We're also quite open to YOUR suggestions. What do you want to see? Who do you want to see in it? Where are the gaps in this ever-growing alternative pornosphere, and how can we fill them?

Kit us up, baby. Kit us up.

Rewards include streaming and download access to our work to date, limited-edition archival prints of Sensate Films stills, DVD copies of our work in beautifully-handmade packaging, Skype sessions and other smutty opportunities courtesy of Gala Vanting, access to the documentary upon its completion, and original artwork from Sensate editor Aven Frey.

You've been an incredible audience to create for, and here's hoping that we can do it again, many times over.




Achieved of $8,000 Goal


Project Finished

Successful - This project reached its goal of $8,000 on December 11 and ended December 13, 2013

Rewards Available

Support by pledging money.

Pledge $10 or more

3 Supporters

60 days' streaming access to 2 Sensate Films of your choice. Select between Amber, Taken, Flare, Fertile, Touch, and PreOccupation.

Estimated delivery : 12/2014

Pledge $25 or more

13 Supporters

Femmetasms (series of three short films 'Touch', 'Taken', and 'Fertile') made available for download and streaming for 30 days.

Estimated delivery : 12/2013

Pledge $50 or more

7 Supporters

Femmetasms made available for download and streaming, and our films 'Amber', 'Flare', and 'PreOccupation' made available for 60 days' streaming.

Estimated delivery : 12/2013

Pledge $65 or more

6 Supporters

DVD in quality handmade packaging which contains Sensate's 6 short erotic films, plus a few extras.

Estimated delivery : 01/2014

Pledge $100 or more

20 Supporters

DVD of Sensate's work to date in quality handmade packaging; plus a copy of the documentary upon its completion (estimated mid-2014).

Estimated delivery : 12/2013

Pledge $250 or more

4 Supporters (21 of 25 remaining)

A handmade DVD (see above) OR a 30-minute Skype session with Gala Vanting; one print of a Sensate Films still (limited edition of 6 archival prints to choose from); a copy of the documentary project made available to you upon its completion (estimated mid-2014).

Estimated delivery : 12/2013

Pledge $500 or more

4 Supporters (6 of 10 remaining)

Choose between (1) a 1 hour skype session with Gala Vanting or a 15-minute film directed by you and starring Gala Vanting; plus a copy of the BDSM documentary project made available to you upon its completion, or (2) A handmade book of Sensate Films stills, text, and original artwork by Aven Frey, plus a copy of the BDSM documentary project made available to you upon its completion.

Estimated delivery : 01/2014

Project By

Gala Vanting

has supported 0 projects

I am an Australia-based erotic imaginist and professional sex enthusiast. I work in equal parts as an erotic media producer & professional BDSM switch. I (try to) make a living out of bringing sexual fantasies to life and empowering others to revel in the eroticism infused in our lives.

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