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Recent Updates

  • We are now LIVE

    Project is now officially launched!  A BIG THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO VOTED!

  • New Info

    Alright so a couple of new things,

    Just got a new website up and redesigned the current development blog for the game.  The site can be found here.  If you want to see the dev blog, it's listed under the "News" section.

    As of recently there has been a surge of votes due to a couple of reasons.  I've been emailing a few people trying to obtain a few sponsors for the project, and it's had mixed success. 

    One such result was a well written game review on Many-Eyed Hydra's blog for SQ. …

  • Demo Added

    Just a quick update everyone.

    Demo was just added to the FAQ.  I've been working on polishing it for the past week or so before releasing it here.  (note - In the demo there are ONLY two item recipes right now.  When you tie fiber together you get a rope, and when you combine four herbs you get a potion.)

    Stretch goal added - "Mixed" mode.  Male and female monsters & humans inhabitting the world with a mixed preference of sexual orientation.  (bisexual, gay, straight)

    Stretch goal…

About The Project

Seduction Quest is a hentai roguelike adventure game and one of the first of its kind. (see roguelike)

The game will feature:

  • Lots of procedurally generated content
  • Very tactical battle & sex system
  • Many different locations to explore
  • A large cast of monsters and NPCs to fight and interact with
  • Rich world history for the player to experience

A link to the demo (still in alpha) and site can be found here - Hentai Game Maker


Main Concept

Seduction Quest is set in a fantasy world with monsters driven with an urge for lust, debauchery, and carnal desire for sex. The outline of the game is to revolve around this, and create a history and culture around it. The game itself will be an open world experience for the player to explore and come across many interesting things.  There will be sex dungeons, castles, caves, brothels, taverns, towns, portals to other realms, and many more locations included.  

Monsters and NPCs

The monsters in Seduction Quest are not the typical ones you find in most games.  During the player's adventure he will encounter types of monster such as: Succubus, Female Vampires, Slime Girls, Sirens, Female Demons, Erotic Shapeshifters, Lamias, Valkyies, Mermaids, and well... you get the idea.  If the main character is female, then reverse the genders of the monsters. (or not)  Every NPC in the game will have a possibility for a sex encounter to occur, which can result in good or bad consequences, depending on the situation.

Procedurally Generated Content

Seduction Quest will be featuring a vast amount of items, locations, history, and characters that will all be generated differently for each new game played.  What this means is that there will be a major amount of replay value that will result in nearly endless gameplay possibilities. This will lead to many different scenarios and outcomes that most linear games lack.

Not JUST a Sex Game

The harsh reality of sex games is that they usually serve one purpose.  And once that purpose is fulfilled there is no other content to keep the player entertained.  Seduction Quest aims to be different in this regard.  One of the main goals is to have enough playability that even people who aren't interested in the sexual aspects, or who have temporarily lost interest, can play and enjoy the game as they wish.  The game is designed with sex as a core element, but retaining enough other elements and content that serves general entertainment purpose.   

Basic Goals

If the minimum funding goal is reached the game is guaranteed to have:

--- Hero Mode ---

  • Play as a male human with the world inhabited by female NPCs
  • Over 26 female NPC classes + (all NPC classes created from the people who pledge more than $50)
  • Over 100 items to use + (all sex items created from the people who pledge more than $35)
  • At least a dozen locations to explore
  • Flexible Combat, Magic, and Arousal Systems that the player and NPCs utilize
  • Sex scenes that play out based on the procedurally generated content.  (ie. not scripted)
  • Generated Worlds spawning with their own history, background, and legends which is made from NPC and player actions.

Other game modes (Heroine, Monster, Lesbo/Gay, Mixed) will be included in the game if the suitable stretch goal is reached. (see stretch goals below)

Stretch Goals

Goal Details
$10,000 Heroine Mode
  • Play as a female human with the world inhabited by male NPCs
  • Over 26 male NPC classes added
  • Futanari bonus -  toggable for NPCs and Heroine
$12,000 Monster Mode
  • Play as a female or male monster with the world inhabited by the opposite sex.
  • New monster-specific items.
  • Able to use sex methods based on monster anatomy.
$15,000 Lesbo/Gay Mode
  • Play as a male or female with the world inhabited by the same sex.
$18,000 Mixed Mode
  • Play as whatever you wish with the world inhabitated by all types of monsters, sexes, and sexualities.
$20,000 Full Modding Support
  • Will include an editor for fan based mods that loads new locations, NPCs, items, anatomy parts, and other content.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will gameplay work and how do you "win" the game?
The game is being designed as an open-world environment. It will be very similar to how adventure mode on Dwarf Fortress is played. There is no "win" condition defined. You just play and explore the world.
So a roguelike... what about graphics and animation?
The game will not have animations, and the default graphics will be ascii based. A feature allowing players to use "Texture Packs" will be added later so that players may use sprite graphics if they wish.
How do you plan to deal with unwanted fetishes in the game?
Well there are two solutions that I plan to implement to address this problem. The first - add customized settings for world generation that lets a player filter out unwanted NPCs, items, fetishes, and other content to their liking. The second - a fetish menu for the player to pick from in the character creation. Every type of fetish in the game will be listed and the player can toggle between which fetishes cause arousal, repulsion, or neither for their character.
What type of fetishes will NOT be included in the game?
Guro, Loli, Scat, and Watersports. (although there is a chance someone may decide to make a mod for these)
Which monster classes will be included in the game?
[ANGEL] - Valkeryie [DEMON] - Succubus, Imp Girl [UNDEAD] - Vampire [FURRY] - Nekomata, Kitsune [INSECT] - Spider Girl, Bee Girl [BEAST] - Cowgirl, Unicorn Girl, Grizzly Woman [HUMANOID] - Human, Elf [NAGGA] - Basilisk Woman, Lamia [ETHEREAL] - Goo (slime) Girl, Elemental, Golem [PLANT] - Dryad, Alaruane [WINGED] - Harpie, Dragon Girl [MYTHICAL] - Fairy, Jinn, Siren [AQUATIC] - Mermaid
How long will development take?
If I achieve my basic funding goal - that will give me at least eight months to develop the game full-time. For each stretch goal met, tack on an additional few months for total time to develop.
Will the game be free to people who do not pledge?
Yes - to an extent. There are a few options I'm considering: Restricting game-modes (ie. only the "Hero" mode is playable), Restricting some content (some items/NPCs missing), or Delayed up-to-date version (free version will not be the newest version).
What platforms will this be playable on?
It runs on Windows, Mac, & Linux. At this time there are no plans to have the game run on any type of phone.
What happens if the Offbeatr campaign is unsuccessful?
The good news. The game will still get made. The bad news. It will take MUCH longer because I will end up developing it in my spare time. How much longer? A few years is what I anticipate. If this does happen then the game will be completely free, no strings attached.



Achieved of $7,000 Goal


Project Finished

Unsuccessful - Project did not reach its goal and ended Sunday April 28, 11:00 pm

Rewards Available

Support by pledging money.

Pledge $10 or more

0 Supporters

Play the game during development and receive the most up to date version released.

Estimated delivery : 02/2013

Pledge $15 or more

0 Supporters

Ability to vote and select which features get added first, and access to the game as above.

Estimated delivery : 05/2013

Pledge $20 or more

0 Supporters

All the above, and you get to pick a few names to add to the name generator.

Estimated delivery : 06/2013

Pledge $35 or more

0 Supporters

All the above, and you get to design your own sex item to be added to the game.

Estimated delivery : 07/2013

Pledge $50 or more

0 Supporters (40 of 40 remaining)

All the above, and you get to design your own monster class to be added to the game.

Estimated delivery : 08/2013

Pledge $100 or more

0 Supporters (20 of 20 remaining)

All the above, and you get to pick a small feature to be added to the game.

Please run your idea past me at codex.seductionquest@gmail.com before selecting this option.

(Note - delivery date will vary depending on the idea)

Estimated delivery : 03/2013

Pledge $300 or more

0 Supporters (5 of 5 remaining)

All the above, and you get to pick a main feature to be added to the game.

Please run your idea past me at codex.seductionquest@gmail.com before selecting this option.

(Note - delivery date will vary depending on the idea)

Estimated delivery : 03/2013

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