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Tuesday February 2, 2016 3:24 pm

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Pocket Pussies - RPG Adventure for iOS/Android/Mobile/PC

Recent Updates

  • Offbeatr is closing. Please log in and download your transaction details

    Dear All,

    After much effort to recover my Offbeatr account details I've managed to log in in hoping you receive this message to let you know I will be attempting to export all pledges this evening in anticipation of Offbeatr closing down tomorrow.

    Thanks for everyone who contacted me to let me know!

    If you haven't noticed, our new home has been Patreon (http://www.patreon.com/delmorpha) where we have plenty of updates as to where this project is at etc.

    All Offbeatr pledges will…

  • Registration site now live!

    After a long radio silence, things should start to get a little more vocal from herein as we near our preliminary builds of the final game. We still have a lot to do, don't get me wrong, but we've broken the back of this baby now we have Kimmy working full time on the sprites!

    So, today is a pretty big announcement in terms of the game; we now have the pledge registration site live!


    What does this mean?

    Well first off apologies to all the…

  • Very Good Much Development!

    Well, we have some developments in Pocket Pussies HQ and I just wanted to throw a quick update to keep people in the loop.

    I got an email asking about development and rather than repeat myself... a Control-C Control-V seemed the best solution to answer most questions on "how is progress going..?"

    A. Awesome if not slow (as ever)...

    The game engine is friggin epic... no really, Im really happy with where its at at the moment. We have essentially a Unity3D P*k*m*n engine. I have been…

About The Project

The Game

If there were two games that defined my gaming childhood, they would be Pokemon and Legend of Zelda. In an ode to all things great about both games, Pocket Pussies is a mixture of the top down exploritory gameplay found in Zelda meets the amazing battle engine from Pokemon meets a story book adventure with some beautiful h-scenes by our talented and brilliant art team.

Having developed "straight laced" games now for nearly ten years on and off, I started my career at Rockstar Games and over the last 10 years  I've developed game engines and demos for everything handheld from the PSP to most recently, the iPhone as well as some HTML5.

After quitting my day job at the start of this year, I've been tinkering with a few bits of code and bringing together a small studio of people to create my vision of a proper hentai adventure game. I now have 2 other developers on board and 4 confirmed artists who have been working on my concept drawings thus far.

With your support and backing, we can actually make this dream game a reality!

The Plot

The story begins with our main character, Cosmo, being given a bag full of Life Shards, an ancient mystical item that has the ability to transform creatures of the realm into beautiful sexual entities. It is explained to him by his grandfather, Malami, they have been around since the dawn of time; they are the fragments of the heart of Eradine, the God of Loving, when her heart fell to earth and shattered into thousands of pieces after being broken by the Ruler of the Gods, Darius.

Over time man began to exploit the shards to their own ill gain, until they were eventually outlawed from the land when they were being used to fill whore houses and exploit the beautiful creatures they created for man’s pleasure.

Eventually an uprising was formed, a rebellion from women across the planet that began a witch hunt for The Beautiful Ones, capturing and torturing them. These delicate and wonderful beings were forced to endure mass suffering and pain by the people of the land, adding to the further suffering of Eradine.

After years of torment, the God of Loving returned to Grenameed to punish the human kind for rejecting her love and thus began the Great War of Her Heart.

His grandfather, a previous tantric trainer for the creatures, had kept a handful of them secret but had been unable to use them himself due to {some reason}. Now, on his eighteenth birthday, it is time for him to pass them onto his grandson, who he has looked after since his parents passed away in the Great War. The remaining shards are the only way to bring sexual joy back to the land, and it will be down to Cosmo how he shaped the erotic future for mankind.

Cosmo is followed by his faithful companion, Jessika, a rare Teacup Calamine thought to possess the powers of eternal youth and beauty, often pictured in ancient drawings as the Gods loyal “lap kittens”. The Calamine began to age the day Eradines heart fell to Grenameed, and it has become more myth that they possess any powers at all.

He goes on to tell him about the Seven Entities of Purity, the list of creatures that when brought together in sexual harmony will unite the Kingdom and bring eternal bliss to Eradine, rejuvenating the land with her love and nourishment. He must use the Shards to bring these mystical creatures to life again, and perform the sexual rite of passage with them, preparing them for their final journey. Only when the Seven are together in perfect harmony can the lands be showered with happiness once again.

Jessika, is the final key and she will be the hardest of them all to train to the point where the Life Shard can bring her to life. She will be his protector and guide through the journey and his loving companion upon the way.

His grandfather teaches Cosmo how to perform the first basic attack with Jessika; the lands are fraught with danger and although small, she will be more than up to the task. He continues by telling him she will go on to learn more about herself and be able to perform new moves as she develops. She will also go through some changes along the way and that Cosmo should be supportive of her when she does.

Malami tells Cosmo that he will need to train each of the seven creatures across the land, and he will “know” when they are ready for the Life Shard. There are seven locations across the land, beauty spots that pander to each of the sevens better nature allowing them to become what they are destined to be. He should take each creature to their preferred location and transform them into life there. Once he has completed this, he must bring them back to his grandfather to look after until all seven are ready to be brought together for the last “battle”.

He passes Cosmo a map of the realm, pointing out the location of the first of the Seven and tells him to go. Cosmo tries to argue but his grandfather gives him a stern look; a look that Cosmo knows from years gone by that there is no point in arguing with him and it is time to leave.

And thus, his journey begins…

The lands are now weathered due to the wars, the people are without joy in their lives due to being unable to procreate and experience pleasure. The realm is full of disparity, hatred and bitterness. Their only hope may be the small bag of Life Shards and a virgin named Cosmo as he journeys into the realm trying to find almost mythical creatures in some of the most dangerous locations in the land. Can he reunite the Seven Entities of Purity in a mass orgy of pleasure? What pleasures of his own will he experience on the way?

(One of the games many hentai scenes!)


Gameplay Aspects

I think you already know and love how the game will play, and I really don't need to go into the details. Here is an overview of the main elements of the gameplay.

Top-down View Gaming

  • A 2D world to explore and enjoy – a classic mix of “classic” gaming in a cute and colourful world
  • Seven beautiful Realms to explore housing hundreds of creatures to battle and face
  • Visit the villages to learn the techniques of love and life in beautifully drawn h-scenes

Turn-based Battle Engine

  • Level your creatures up by battling other creatures in the realm
  • Learn new moves allowing even more powerful attacks
  • Choose the evolution of your creatures allowing endless possibilities for their powers and potential

Story Mode Reader

  • Click based story mode for dialogue and scenes
  • Choose your answers to important questions and shape the progress of the story


The Characters

We have 7 zones in the game  which as we all can see are Fire, Water, Electric, Earth, Dark Magic, Light Magic and Fantasy

In each zone there will be 7 character types that relate to that zone, so that's 49 characters in total, with 3 evolutions totalling 147 creatures!

Fire Zone




Dark Zone


Angler Fish


Light Zone

Light Mantis


Water Zone





Electric Zone



Earth Zone

Flower Girl



Fantasy Zone



Ice Cream Girl


Follow the Tumblr tag and see lots more!



Fenoxo has been confirmed as our "professional assistant" when it comes to the writing and will be completing 8 of the scenes within the game!

Hentai Scenes

The game will ferature at minimum 10 unique hentai scenes, but the plan is to have a final evolution hentai scene for EACH AND EVERY CHARACTER (if we hit enough funding!)

An example? Of course!

Nice, huh? Want some more??

Naughtly little bee girl...

One more.. :D



The following people are involved in the projects and I have nothing but love for them all! You can click their links to see their other work and their involvement with Pocket Pussies!

If I've missed you, I'm sorry! Let me know and I'll get you on the list!

Where to find us online?

Visit our site at http://www.pocketpussiesgame.com

Keep up to date via Tumblr with http://www.tumblr.com/tagged/pocket+pussies

Deviant Art fans? http://pocketpussies.deviantart.com/

Stretch Goals

Goal Details
$25,000 More Detailed H-Scenes

With more funding, we will be able to take on another couple of artist commissions and therefore be able to push for more detailed h scenes within the game, building up the level of erotica in each of the 7 main sexual encounters, then for the very special ending orgy.

This goal was met 7/16/2013 at 10:17 pm
$30,000 Professional Story Writer

At $30,000 I will be able to afford to pay a very good collegue of mine to vet, rewrite and ensure the story of the entire game has been written by an industry legend!

This goal was met 7/26/2013 at 12:57 pm
$40,000 Language Translations

At the moment the plan would be for the game to be English only, but with double the funding we would be able to spend some time and money on a professional language translations once the game is complete and offer it in different languages.

Japanese being an obvious starting point, but let us know your translation interests and we'll see what we can make happen.

This goal was met 8/02/2013 at 11:31 pm
$50,000 More Code Please

If things got exciting, we could afford to bring in another programmer and either at more complexity and detail to the game, or simply complete the project in less time

This goal was met 8/08/2013 at 9:22 pm
$100,000 24/7 Commitment

At an insane amount of funding, we could realisically afford to make this our full time commitment, create a fully fledged hentai mobile development studio, and you could look forward to this being the first of many games from us.

Frequently Asked Questions

What qualifies you to make such a game?
I've worked in and out of the games industry for 10 years and know a lot of people within it, most notably for Rockstar Games. I've also coded on every mobile platform you can imagine, so given enough time and support we could pretty much create anything. I've pulled together 2 other developers and 4 artists thus far, and have every intention of making this game awesome.
How long will development take?
I would estimate about 6 months before we are ready for release, but there will be demos and progress within the first 2 months and constant ongoing revisions. The foundations of the game will be waiting on artwork being finished which will likely take a month if not longer.
What resources do you have to complete it?
Well there's me, I'm a full stack developer that has worked in pretty much every language under the sun and can turn his hand to any element of development. Then I have an AI guru and a junior developer that I've taken on to support my business operations. Add in 4 commission based artists and a musical genius in cute pop jingles, and you've got yourself a digital stew going.
What platforms will the game be on?
The plan is to simultaneously release to iOS, Android, Windows Mobile and to web based HTML5 at the same time once the game is complete. Knowing the App Store, there might be a few issues with the games genre, therefore we plan the game to have an adult filter that we might need to enable to get it through validation. Given enough support and funding, we could in theory port the game to any device wanted, dev kit requirement permitting!
What will the gameplay consist of?
It will be a top down action adventure game made up of intermittent battle scenes and exploration. There will be seven uniquely designed zones that will consist of creatures with powers of fire, water, earth, electric, strength, dark and light magic, each with a series of creatures in that will ultimately lead to a boss battle with our Seven Seals. Once you defeat the boss, this will lead to her capture and you can then use this character in the game. Eventually you will have to evolve her into human form, at which point there will be a h-scene and more development of the story.
Can I get the source code to the game once its done?
At the moment we are keeping the game closed source, but we may offer it up at a later date depending on how we proceed with things.



Achieved of $20,000 Goal


Project Finished

Successful - This project reached its goal of $20,000 on July 2 and ended August 9, 2013

Rewards Available

Support by pledging money.

Pledge $5 or more

9 Supporters

You will get access to the VIP Members site which will document the entire process of how the game is being made, where we are up to and will contain daily updates.

This area will also contain concept art, discussions about the in-game mechanics and all the elements about the game.

Anyone who pledges higher will automatically get access to this site too!

Estimated delivery : 05/2013

Pledge $15 or more

998 Supporters

You get a finished copy of the game once released on any platform, DRM free where applicable!

Estimated delivery : 12/2013

Pledge $30 or more

96 Supporters

As well as a copy of the game, you will receive your choice of A2 poster of one of the Seven Seals in a super sexy pose just for you!

Estimated delivery : 08/2013

Pledge $30 or more

52 Supporters

You get a copy of the game and a special mention in the game credits!

Estimated delivery : 12/2013

Pledge $40 or more

124 Supporters

For the Digital Collector of artwork, you will receive a copy of the game AND a digital version of the Artbook for your personal viewing pleasure!

Estimated delivery : 12/2013

Pledge $50 or more

22 Supporters

You receive the game, your choice of a poster and we will list you as a Special Thank You in the game credits!

Estimated delivery : 07/2013

Pledge $75 or more

53 Supporters

As well as a copy of the game in any format, you will also receive a limited edition artbook featuring the concept art from the game, printed and bound in a high quality fashion.

Estimated delivery : 10/2013

Pledge $100 or more

76 Supporters

You will receive a copy of the game, with your choice of plush toy of one of the Seven Seals of Purity at their super sexy Stage 2 evolution stage, and her matching poster to boot!

Estimated delivery : 09/2013

Pledge $150 or more

49 Supporters

As the connoisseur of collectors, you will receive a copy of the game in all formats, all 7 posters and the artbook signed by all the team.

Estimated delivery : 05/2013

Pledge $175 or more

1 Supporter

A limited edition Giraffe Girl sculpture, painted and delivered to your door.

Estimated delivery : 10/2013

Pledge $175 or more

1 Supporter

A limited edition Squid Girl sculpture

Estimated delivery : 11/2013

Pledge $400 or more

12 Supporters

You are the Plushy Pussy Master. You will receive:

* The Artbook, signed of course by the team
* All 7 posters
* The game in all formats too
* A special credit in the game

Gonna collect them all, right!? :)

Estimated delivery : 10/2013

Pledge $500 or more

0 Supporters

Both the Giraffe Girl and the Squid Girl sculptures, a single artbook, 2 posters, the game (with credits of course)

Estimated delivery : 11/2013

Pledge $750 or more

4 Supporters (4 of 8 remaining)

Along the way there will be ample opportunity for mischievous and deviant behavior with some NPCs (none playable characters). Do you want to design and be a part of that?

For $750, we will design you your own NPC, you can name him or her and we will feature this character within the game in a tailored h-scene just for you!

Estimated delivery : 10/2013

Pledge $1,000 or more

0 Supporters (1 of 1 remaining)

Have you ever wanted to be immortalized in a video game? Now is your chance!

For a mere $1000, you can name our protagonist AND have him designed in your image, whether he be a lookalike of yourself, or you simply give us your ideas and we create him.

This character will be used in all of the H-scenes throughout the game too, so this is your chance to be a hentai porn star!

There are a few restrictions on what we will allow for our design; for one, he has to be male, human and around 18 years old, so you will have to be "back in the day" if you're a little older than that! There are a few other key points to consider so please get in touch before you jump in and pledge but we will do our best to make him in your image.

Estimated delivery : 07/2013

Pledge $100 or more

6 Supporters (0 of 6 remaining)

You get to name one of the six remaining Seven Seals of Purity other than Jessika. Want to call our in-game fox SlutBox? Go for it!

Estimated delivery : 06/2013

Pledge $250 or more

1 Supporter (0 of 1 remaining)

You get to name "Jessika". Want to call her ClungeMaster6000? No problem, it's your choice!

Estimated delivery : 06/2013

Pledge $500 or more

1 Supporter (0 of 1 remaining)

You get to name the game. Our working title has been Poke et Nom, Pocket Pussies and all sorts.

For $500, copyright and trademark permitting, you can name it whatever you want.

Estimated delivery : 06/2013

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