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  • HUGE update!

    Hey everyone, 

    Firstly I want to apologize for my lack of updates, I intended to keep everyone up-to-date but I've been extremely busy with working on getting this thing started!

    As you've probably noticed / been e-mailed about Panty Squirters has hit it's vote quota and can start taking money pledges. You may have also noticed that the goal is now only $1000.00 instead of $3000.00, this is because I've found an alternative method for running the site and it's far more cost effective.…

About The Project

Welcome to Panty Squirters!

What is it?
Panty Squirters will be a website focused on amateur / self filmed videos of women pleasuring themselves (with their panties on) and squirting in their panties when they orgasm.

For an example of this please see the following videos:

Why amateur women?
Personally I’ve seen my fill of professional porn stars, I’m sure I’m not alone when I say that they’re boring and in some cases they look disgusting. It is much hotter when the woman I’m watching is an amateur, fresh faced, girl next door type. In saying that we will not be scouting unattractive women, just because our women will be amateur they will be beautiful.

Content and regular updates?
Upon launching we plan to have at least 10 videos up and ready for you to enjoy. From there on we will release a new video each week, these will be full videos (none of that releasing a part each week to stretch out the content). Also for those of you who donate enough you’ll receive an exclusive VIP only video each month. As things progress and we grow we will be looking at making the content updates more regular. Ideally I’d like to get to the point where we could release a daily video for you.

Content quality?
Content will vary somewhat, the way we will be running things will involve the women doing work for us filming it in the comfort of their own homes and uploading it to us. With that in mind I can’t guarantee pristine 1080p videos all the time. That being said I will be checking out what the women have to record with and making sure that it is decent. In other words, quality will vary however it’s never going to be a terrible cam recording.

Downloadable? Streaming?
All of our content will be downloadable, there will be a few screen caps on each videos page to show you what is in the video and then 2 videos to download. One video will be a clip that just contains the squirting and the other will be the full video.

Real squirting.
I can’t stress this enough, I hate it when I find a site that promises squirting but ends up being pissing during orgasm. Or worse, they cleverly cut the footage so they can put water into the woman and she pushes that out. I personally promise you that on my site you’ll only find legitimate squirting, we will NEVER post anything that isn’t real squirting.

Not just another generic porn site.
My team and myself are just like you guys, we aren’t some big company that is just going to push out content and revel in the profits. In-fact the majority of our profit will go directly into improving the site and trying to get more regular content updates for you. We will personally read and respond to all e-mails we receive and seriously take any suggestions or comments on board.

Why are you qualified to make this project happen?
I've been a fan of squirting for well over 10 years, since the first squirter (Miss Puddles) hit the internet, thus I am very good at telling whether a woman is faking her squirt.

On top of that this is not my first venture into the online adult industry, I've done a lot of site, image and advertising work for other sites in the past. As well as starting and running a number of adult communities over the years, my most recent one has over 800 loyal members and even though it's just a free community I've still been organising exclusive videos just for them.
You can see it here: www.reddit.com/r/wetfetish

Also I've been doing web design for nearly 13 years, I easily have the skill necessary to design, develop and run this site.

Additionally I already have a few women lined up to do work for this site, they have done videos for me on previous projects and they are very reliable.

Questions / Comments?
If you have any questions or comments regarding my project / site please get in touch and ask / let me know!! I'll get back to you ASAP.




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Rewards Available

Support by pledging money.

Pledge $25 or more

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Gets your name / alias listed on a VIP/founder page.

Estimated delivery : 02/2013

Pledge $50 or more

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The above + you receive the weekly updates early.

Estimated delivery : 03/2013

Pledge $100 or more

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The above + you receive monthly exclusive VIP only videos.

Estimated delivery : 02/2013

Pledge $250 or more

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The above + you get a 3 month subscription starting when the site launches.

Estimated delivery : 02/2013

Pledge $500 or more

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The above + you get a 6 month subscription starting when the site launches.

Estimated delivery : 02/2013

Pledge $750 or more

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The above + you get a 12 month subscription starting when the site launches

Estimated delivery : 02/2013

Pledge $1,000 or more

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The above + you get a lifetime subscription when the site launches.

Estimated delivery : 02/2013

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