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  • Soon, very soon!

    Thanks for your patience guys!
    I must admit, I've been feeling bad for the project being really late and all, but again, THANK YOU!
    We're at the end of the editing process that has been slowed down mostly due to me being really busy starting up my own company, but also because everyone involved is working hard on other projects. The clip will be about 5 minutes, And that's from 12 hours of work. The tentacles were really hard to work with, but I hope it will be worth the wait!
    As they're…

  • Finally..

    Thank you guys for your incredible patience! We will be filming the tentacle sequence this coming weekend, so things are finally happening! In the meantime you can check out these NSFW photos I did a while back with photographer Steve Prue: http://arsenicthemagazine.com/submissions/2014/3/4/steve-prue


  • Sorry for the delay!

    Hey guys!
    So, it turned out the swedish summer ended a little too early for us to proceed with the original idea shot outside. I've been writing a whole new script and just found a new perfect location; a swimming pool inside a mansion (a very rare location in Sweden). The original idea will be kept until springtime :)
    What I'm trying to arrange now is so that we can actually find a date when everybody involved can participate. With all those tentacles that each need someone to steer, and…

About The Project

*Information angående hjälp finns längst ner på svenska*


I'm known as Calamity Amelie - recognized for my work as a pinup-/fetish-/alt model around the world. I reside in the outskirts of Stockholm where I studied media and film for 3 years. I'm also dedicated to feminism and sexual liberation which have lead me to this project:

I feel that there is a strong need for a more varied selection of erotic entertainment as the mainstream porn tends to look all the same without much creative effort. Some questions raised are: Why do many women feel ashamed when watching porn? Is there any such thing as "fair trade" porn? Are there ways of presenting sex in porn other than the mainstream industries' way and still make it attractive?


These questions are highly important to me, and I think people deserve to have a choice. Based on the premise that "sex is good for you", people should be able to choose to watch porn without feeling bad, and they should have a choice that won't make them feel uncomfortable, but delighted.
To the viewer of porn, porn can be a fantasy. The viewer might not want to proceed and turn the fantasy into reality, or the filmed pornographic act might already be something delightful within the life of the viewer. The actors of porn could very well enjoy participating in a gang bang, but just because YOU would be far from enjoying it doesn't make your opinion the one truth. 

2 things I am tired of in the sex-political discussion is:
People projecting their own feelings on erotic actors. Just because You wouldn't enjoy something, doesn't mean everyone feels the same. Instead of victimizing porn actors (usually women) that made their own grown up choices, why not empower them instead? They are already cursed by the society, why make it worse?
The second thing is the whore/madonna complex widely expressed by men of all ages towards promiscuous women. It's about time that we leave such a rotten moral to our past and move on to understand that women (and men), are versatile and that there is nothing wrong with enjoying all forms of sex (as long as it is withing consent).
That is why I am dedicated to do this.


My vision is to think outside the box; there are so many different sexualities and so much repeditiveness in the mainstream industry it's time to widen the perspective. What I want to produce is a collection of short films with different themes, in common they'll all be filmed with high quality equipment by professionals. I want people to go "Wow!" not only for the sex, but for the techniques behind the scenes too! I want to provide "heterosexual womens' point of view" or more suitably; objectify men the same way women are objectified in porn (what is porn for heterosexual women anyway?), make the most awesome tentacle feature ever, and make a sophisticated D/S scene, just to name a few examples! See more of them further down.

Let's Bring Back the Swedish Sin!

Back in the 60's Sweden was leading the sexual liberation. Seen in my promo video above is a magazine from the 70's suggesting a novel with the title "bang your own sister". A lot has happened since then, and Sweden has become far more conservative than the rest of the world knows of. Not necessarily that we used to have sex with our siblings, but we have lost our choice to fantasize freely without feeling guilt. From having a big adult entertainment business noticed on the Nasdaq stock market and blonde scandinavian erotic actors giving the idea of a place where women are not ashamed of their sexual escapades, the erotic entertainment industry is no longer existing in Sweden today. 
What's going on is a couple of active amateur sites, some sketchier than others, offering very low payment. I spoke to one of the used-to-be biggest producers of porn in Sweden, who told me he would never have started this business if he knew it was going this far downhill. Even Slitz magazine (a swedish version of FHM), had to give up in December 2012.
This is a sad progress probably inevitable due to the high frequence of free porn found on the internet; the bubble bursted and as nobody wants to pay for it, and the actors won't get well paid.
With this project I want to put Sweden on the map once again as the liberated country we once were, by being inspired by the sexual liberation and retro styling from past times.
Yes! Let's bring back The Swedish Sin :)


What We Need & What You Get:

As said in the promo video, we are running low on actors in Sweden. I'm specifically looking for a Scandinavian blonde woman to proceed with my next vision, but everyone is welcome to apply.
As I already have access to professional camera and light-equipment I'm off to a good start, so the money will first and foremost go towards the actors. With a lot of help from my professional friends I've even managed to have photographers, editors, musicians etc work for free in the past, but I really strive to pay them for their hard work this time. You can see parts of the work we've accomplished in the promo video!


The $2000 funding will go towards my first short film:
- tentacle feature! Different from the strange flicks already out there, this one will include colorful, huge, lifelike tentacles accompanied by a sun-bathing woman. I already raised $1100 in Indiegogo (the project was taken down), and that money will go towards making tentacles. 

If I manage to raise another $1500 ($3500 in total):
-Intro scene for the Swedish Sin. The first scene of the Swedish Sin story is a tease between  the farmers daughter and the farmboy in a barn. More softcore than explicit, but very tantalizing!

If I manage to raise another $1000 or more ($4500 and up): 
-Depending on if we find more actors or not, we will continue making either independent solo scenes or continue with the storyline of The Swedish sin project. Example features:

- Everyday S/M: A session between a subversive woman and a dominant man or woman, what could be everyday life for some. *actors needed*

- The fembot feature! A futuristic Chobits-inspired fembot being rescued by a girl from a violent man. *a female and male actor needed for girl-on-girl and guy-on-girl*

- Cake gone wrong! 
What happens when two girls start fighting in the kitchen? *Hardcore OR softcore messy, depending on actors*

- Purrfect furrfecked: A furry encounter in the woods. Is it a deer? Or is it a cat? *Softcore or hardcore depending on actors*

There is no stop for my imagination, the only thing stopping me is the restricted resources Money and Actors. Please see all the awesome rewards we are offering :)


Other Ways You Can Help

Besides raising funds, there's a general lack of actors around here. Many of my ideas does not necessary need conversation (but a speaker voice), but for the Swedish Sin-tribute I do need some swedish-speaking actors, which seem rather rare nowadays.
I'm not in the situation to be picky, I welcome any actors applications! Please send a little info about yourself along with some photos to calamityamelie (at) gmail.com
I've spotted some perfect locations, and I've ripped the hair off my head because people are too conservative to let us shoot there.

If you have a nice location (preferably around the Stockholm area, but not necessarily), please contact me at: calamityamelie (at) gmail.com

Om du har en plats tillgänglig där vi kan filma får du gärna höra av dig!
Vad vi särskilt letar efter är:

- En rymlig lada med boskap i närheten (gris, får, ko, häst)

- En sjö med en mindre eka/roddbåt

- En fint inredd lägenhet. Modernt eller gammaldags.

- Garage/verkstad med gammaldags bilar och gärna gammaldags utrustning/interiör.

- Gammaldags kontor, gärna bilkontor.

Mejla på calamityamelie (at) gmail.com med bilder och info om vart platsen är belägen!

Are you working with digital special effects? I definitely need some for the fembot feature, please email at calamityamelie (at) gmail.com if interested in participating.


Please share the project with anyone you think might be interested!
This project was originally launched in January on another site, but unfortunately it was taken down. I have been traveling and haven't been able to relaunch it until now, and I really hope to collect funds so we can shoot before the summer is over here in Sweden.
If you in any other way would like to contribute to this project, please email: calamityamelie (at) gmail.com




Achieved of $2,000 Goal


Project Finished

Successful - This project reached its goal of $2,000 on July 16 and ended July 19, 2013

Rewards Available

Support by pledging money.

Pledge $10 or more

2 Supporters

Get a "thanks" in the ending credits of one of the movies!

Estimated delivery : 11/2013

Pledge $30 or more

12 Supporters (18 of 30 remaining)

Get a link to view all the finished short films!

For a limited time of 60 days you will get a link to view the finished short films.

Estimated delivery : 11/2013

Pledge $60 or more

6 Supporters

Get all of the above, and a link to exclusive behind-the-scenes material! Valid during 60 days.

Estimated delivery : 11/2013

Pledge $100 or more

7 Supporters (3 of 10 remaining)

Get all of the above, and the final short-film collection DVD with fold-out prints signed by the actors!

Estimated delivery : 12/2013

Pledge $150 or more

1 Supporter (4 of 5 remaining)

Get all of the above, and a signed print/postcard with one of the actors especially writing to you!

Estimated delivery : 09/2013

Pledge $250 or more

1 Supporter (9 of 10 remaining)

Get all of the above, and one of Calamity Amelies' original porn-art drawings!

Estimated delivery : 08/2013

Pledge $500 or more

0 Supporters (2 of 2 remaining)

Get ALL of the above and a prop from the set (i.e. clothing or a sex toy)

Estimated delivery : 12/2013

Pledge $1,000 or more

0 Supporters (3 of 3 remaining)

Get ALL of the above, one of the actors especially thanking you on camera in the credits, a Q&A-cam chat with Calamity Amelie and one of the actors, and a BIG Thank You from the bottom of our hearts!

Estimated delivery : 11/2013

Pledge $2,000 or more

0 Supporters

Get ALL of the above, and have us shoot your own customized short film!
*Please email first and tell us your preferences so we know if it is possible*

Estimated delivery : 11/2013

Products Available

Support by purchasing digital products.

$20 - A mystery clip of Skin Diamond

Files: 1 files (123.43 MB)

A teaser in the dark that I personally filmed with my camcorder back in October 2010.
size 960x540, 4 minutes.

Media Type : Mixed Media

$20 - First test clip for The Swedish Sin Project!

Files: 1 files (41.87 MB)

Get the first rough edit clip filmed in August 2011!
Starring Elegy Ellem and Kittylicious in an old school voyeur-gone-wrong adventure!
This was all edited under huge stress due to the TV-show messing up things, a more polished version will be released later.
Medium format 854x480, 5 minutes.

Media Type : Videos

Project By


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Calamity Amelie has been a fetish and pinup model since age 17 and has always been curious about the sex industry. Later on she started engaging in feminism and sexual politics.

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