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Inside the Candy Box (Furry Adult Comic Book)

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Taur 9/19/2012 11:13 am

I want to enter a new payment source since I had to renew my current card, but there is no options for me to do so. Any ideas how to send you my pledge since offbeatr is still trying to get the pledge through a now deactivated card?

tylorfox 9/19/2012 10:42 am

Looks like everything is running good now. I got a couple emails stating the problem was fix and one just now saying to enter a new credit card. I just used the same one that was on file and it went through no problem.

Skidd 9/18/2012 6:27 pm

Offbeatr contacted me and let me know they still have everyone in their secure database and they will contact everyone soon.. they found the bug that has been causing problems and will let everyone who has supported this project get an email soon.

Shad_Devil 9/18/2012 4:20 pm

If this isn`t worked out soon...do you still have a list of those who Pledged? Offbeatr seems to have kicked all where there was a payment "problem" from the site, so we don`t. If yes..maybe we could merely send money through Paypal to Skidd directly...without mentioning what for, of course. It would mean more work for you, Skidd, but I think that might be preferable to this project falling through completely.

Skidd 9/18/2012 3:01 pm

They cant authorize with paypal.. Paypal doesn't accept adult material

Dart25 9/18/2012 2:36 pm

I think it is. The only other project I see at the funding stage still has 15 days left to go. maybe it would be easier if they just authorized with paypal?

Tachyon 9/18/2012 2:28 pm

Still haven't been able to pay, mainly I think because the due date for payments I got in my email was 1969...

Skidd 9/18/2012 1:51 pm

It shouldn't even be just 4 supporters.. it should be 40 something.. the site has messed up on my project.. and I'm hoping that it's either fixed... or I get compensated somehow for all the trouble. They've been nice so far to me.. and I know there will be issues with a new site... but I can't help but feel like MY project was a test subject for all the other projects on the site...

Dart25 9/18/2012 1:37 pm

I just got the email and was a bit concerned also. i though I confirmed with my bank so there shouldn't be any issues at least on my end. what about the 4 people who have donated so far? they didn't have any problems?

UniPrae 9/18/2012 12:42 pm

I think this may be a placeholder, given the date is impossible to reach it will hold the payment open till this can be fixed.




Achieved of $2,275 Goal


Project Finished

Successful - This project reached its goal of $2,275 on September 14 and ended September 19, 2012

Rewards Available

Support by pledging money.

Pledge $5 or more

1 Supporter

You get the hi-res exclusive digital of #1. Will be fully colored!

Estimated delivery : 01/2013

Pledge $10 or more

13 Supporters

You get the hi-res exclusive digital of #1, and a free digital copy of the book.

Estimated delivery : 01/2013

Pledge $25 or more

4 Supporters

You get hi-res exclusive digitals #1 and #2, a free digital copy of the book and a 8.5x11" signed full color print of exclusive #2!

Estimated delivery : 01/2013

Pledge $40 or more

5 Supporters

You get all previous rewards as well as a signed physical hard-cover copy of the book!

Estimated delivery : 01/2013

Pledge $55 or more

8 Supporters (12 of 20 remaining)

You get all previous rewards and a hand-drawn original of Jasmine or Rummy, signed and sent directly to you.

Estimated delivery : 01/2013

Pledge $150 or more

8 Supporters (2 of 10 remaining)

You get rewards 1-4, and a TWO character digital commission from me! With Jasmine or Rummy if you'd like!

Estimated delivery : 02/2013

Pledge $250 or more

1 Supporter (0 of 1 remaining)

Want in on the fun? You get rewards 1-4, and I will include YOUR character into the comic to have some fun with Jasmine or Rummy!

Estimated delivery : 01/2013

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