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Inside the Candy Box (Furry Adult Comic Book)

Recent Updates

  • Comic Sent Out

    So I have sent out a digital copy of the comic to everyone now.

    I'm just waiting for responses with addresses and commission info and the like so I can give everyone the rest of their rewards.

    Thank you guys for being so patient with me during this whole time.

  • Almost Done and Apologies!

    I'll be writing this update on both the OffBeatr site and my FA.
    I AM almost done with the comic.  Believe me.. I want more than ANYTHING to be done with this project.. I think it was a bit too ambitious to do something of this size by myself. and I mean... COMPLETELY by myself.

    This is a part of one of the comics to appease my viewers.. and let them know that I AM indeed almost done.

    I feel like I've almost been done for a long while now..
    But life has been kicking my ass a lot this…

  • Back on Track!

    As most of you know, (and some of you don't). Me and my wife were kicked out of our apartment about a month or so back and it's been extremely hard getting back on our feet, but we are almost there, and I have 3 of the 4 comics done.

    I apologize about the longer than expected wait, but unlike other projects that have multiple people contributing toward the project, this entire project.. the comics..the printing.. the money spending.. is all being done by ONE person.. me. So I may have…

About The Project


Your support will fund the creation of a 60 page (30 pages front and back) B&W visual comic w/ a gallery containing at least 10-15 additional pictures, several in full color. The book will be Perfectbound and will then be available for purchase through my webstore. This comic will consist of multiple short stories involving my popular mouse girl Jasmine, and introducing a new giraffe girl character, B. Rummy.


I'm doing this project because I have yet to actually release any books or portfolios.. and I'm trying to cater to all of you who have wanted something like this from me for a long time. So here's your chance to not only help me toward my goal, but get great rewards while doing so!


Scripting, writing dialogue, drawing, adjusting panels, and printing all takes a LOT of time, effort, and money. The money received for this project will not only go to covering for the time needed to draw the comic, but to making prints/copies, and shipping them out to each contributer. There is a lot of work going into making this book, and I want everything to be top quality merchandise for YOU.


Read the different reward tiers carefully, as they will have specifics about them that you need to pay attention to. Prizes range from digital copies of the book, to signed physical copies, exclusive digital drawings/originals, and even the possibility of having your own character drawn in the comic with BOTH girls. How great is THAT?!




Achieved of $2,275 Goal


Project Finished

Successful - This project reached its goal of $2,275 on September 14 and ended September 19, 2012

Rewards Available

Support by pledging money.

Pledge $5 or more

1 Supporter

You get the hi-res exclusive digital of #1. Will be fully colored!

Estimated delivery : 01/2013

Pledge $10 or more

13 Supporters

You get the hi-res exclusive digital of #1, and a free digital copy of the book.

Estimated delivery : 01/2013

Pledge $25 or more

4 Supporters

You get hi-res exclusive digitals #1 and #2, a free digital copy of the book and a 8.5x11" signed full color print of exclusive #2!

Estimated delivery : 01/2013

Pledge $40 or more

5 Supporters

You get all previous rewards as well as a signed physical hard-cover copy of the book!

Estimated delivery : 01/2013

Pledge $55 or more

8 Supporters (12 of 20 remaining)

You get all previous rewards and a hand-drawn original of Jasmine or Rummy, signed and sent directly to you.

Estimated delivery : 01/2013

Pledge $150 or more

8 Supporters (2 of 10 remaining)

You get rewards 1-4, and a TWO character digital commission from me! With Jasmine or Rummy if you'd like!

Estimated delivery : 02/2013

Pledge $250 or more

1 Supporter (0 of 1 remaining)

Want in on the fun? You get rewards 1-4, and I will include YOUR character into the comic to have some fun with Jasmine or Rummy!

Estimated delivery : 01/2013

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