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  • Success! (Also, accessing supporter rewards)

    Thank you all for your support. I'm looking forward to working on this. In order to get you all started with the development version and your other rewards, I've created a blog post with instructions:


    Please direct further communication through my site - commenting, the forum or the contact form. I will continue to check Offbeatr and respond to messages here, but there will be no further updates here - only on my site. I…

  • Getting Close...

    There's been a lot of support coming in during the last couple of days here - two days to go, and only ~10% left. Whee...

    So, here's an update on my progress since the last release, so that supporters know what to expect in the development version as soon as the campaign ends:

    • I've added over 40 new images, including a large number of sex ones.
    • Antunua and Hathawa aren't hireable yet, but they will be before the next release. Getting them to work for you is silghtly more involved…
  • Content Preview

    I have had a very bad day today. Like, a terrible, aweful day. And to make my day better, I've decided to break my previous plans and release another preview. Not an update to the game, but just an introduction to two of the girls it will contain. I can't figure out how to resize images here, and I'm feeling lazy, so if you want pictures, you'll just have to check out http://site.brothels.im/node/52.

    Hathawa is a shy and reserved young woman, a student at the university when she isn't…

About The Project

You're lost. Far from home, owing a certain someone a great deal of money for the cargo you carelessly lost, and without a penny to your name. Clearly, there's only one thing to do - start a brothel!

In BrothelS.im, as in the revamped version I'd like to make, you take on the role of a brothel owner trying to make his or her way in the fantastic city of Vailia, dealing with troubles both mundane (keeping your girls happy, dealing with troublesome customers and making enough money to keep yourself out of prison) and fantastic (demonically-posessed dildos, lust-powered sorceries threatening to run out of contol, and a world-spanning organization that you, and maybe only you, can confront). Of course, that's just a distraction - your real goal is to fuck beautiful men and women (depending on how you swing) while becoming fabulously wealthy.


Over the past five months, I have taken BrothelS.im from yet another generic clone of the old Sim Brothel flash game into a unique experience with more than 400 images and 50,000 words of content. So far the game has been nothing more than a hobby, with content added as the urge strikes me. Now, with your help, I would like to take it to the next level. With the money raised, I hope to take several months off of my day job and focus exclusively on making BrothelS.im the best that it can be.

What you can expect from the second version of the game:

  • Original characters and a well developed world - rather than cribbing off pre-existing settings, BrothelS.im 2 will have an entirely original cast, with more developed personalities.
  • Improved prose - the current game began bound by certain genera constraints I was not bold enough to break, and later content was bound by consistency with  earlier style.
  • More focus on the player character - meaningful choices that affect more than the immediate situation, characters that react differently based on your gender, and a personality that develops over time.
  • Ballanced gameplay, including difficulty levels ranging from Casual (almost impossible to loose, the current standard) to Hellish (you wanted a challenge? You got a challenge...).

The version this project aims to fund will include:

  • 12 months of loan payments and associated story, at four difficulty levels.
  • 6 girls, each with their own personality, desires and problems.
  • 16 events (at least two for every part of the city) with multiple parts each.
  • 3 unique buildings, each including special events, actions and possiblities.

These are not absolute limits, and I do plan to add more over time - but this is the level of content I guarantee if the project is funded.

Why you might contribute:

  • Because you want to see an adult game written by a professional developer, and you think it's time the genera moved beyond ugly flash and interfaces peeking in from the 90s.
  • Because you think Meghan is cute, you want to know more about the organization chasing you, and you'd like to meet, hire and fuck Jessie, the ghost haunting the Onsen.
  • You want more content! Each additional dollar will give me more time to work on the game instead of my day-job, meaning more girls, more events, more erotic scenes.
  • Because you want a say in what the game looks like, early access to content before it goes live, or you want your name to appear in Vailia - and let's face it, who wouldn't want to be a citizen in such a wonderful city?

Stretch Goals

Goal Details
$15,000 6 more events

I'll add an additional event that can occur for each location in the city. Not all of them will be sexy, but they'll all be at least intersting and contribute to the mood.

$20,000 Additional Girl

I'll add a seventh girl to the game. You do want to meet Antinua, the overly-intense swordswoman with a penchant for domination, right?

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the game include Futa / Transformation / The kitchen sink?
Perhaps! The game will definitely include non-human tentacle creatures, but other fetishes are still to be determined. The best way to make sure your desires are satisfied is by selecting a reward level that lets you dictate a scene or character - I am open to writing most things (ask if you're uncertain, but gay, futa and less extreme transformation are possibilities).
Will the game still be free?
Yes! The game will always be free to play, both online and off. However, I will introduce a "waiting period," where contributors get access to content 30 days earlier than everyone else.
What browsers will the game support?
The new version will support Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari and, wait for it, Internet Explorer 9+. It will also function on mobile devices, including a "worksafe" version with erotic images removed.



Achieved of $12,000 Goal


Project Finished

Successful - This project reached its goal of $12,000 on August 11 and ended August 11, 2013

Rewards Available

Support by pledging money.

Pledge $10 or more

44 Supporters

Early access to beta versions while the game is still in development - see progress as it's made.

Estimated delivery : 07/2013

Pledge $15 or more

166 Supporters

In addition to early access, when the game is released, you will receive a bonus code to unlock "easy-play" mode - girls will begin with higher stats, the player will start with more money, and certain good events will occur more frequently and sooner.

Estimated delivery : 07/2013

Pledge $20 or more

34 Supporters

Your name (or a fictional name of your choice) will appear in the game as a customer that can visit the brothel, along with a short description (as well as access to the early release and the easy-play code).

Estimated delivery : 07/2013

Pledge $35 or more

80 Supporters

A PDF copy of a special e-book, collecting all current BrothelS.im content into an easy to read location - as well as a 3000 word short story exclusive to backers, early access to the development release, and the easy-play code.

Estimated delivery : 05/2013

Pledge $65 or more

19 Supporters (1 of 20 remaining)

I will write an erotic scene based on your description, roughly 150 words. Want lactation, a futa visitor, or straight sex with a girl named Wanda with red hair and violet eyes? (includes all bonuses from the $35 tier as well - PDF, story, early access)

Estimated delivery : 07/2013

Pledge $100 or more

8 Supporters (2 of 10 remaining)

Want to be a major NPC? I will add you (or a fictional version of you) in a relatively major role - a head member of the Guild, a customer with an agenda for a specific girl, or a nympho that teaches the true meaning of "uninhibited"?
(includes all bonuses from the $35 tier - PDF, story, early access)

Estimated delivery : 07/2013

Pledge $100 or more

3 Supporters (3 of 6 remaining)

I will include a specific location you describe in the game, as a reoccurring backdrop for events. Perhaps you want Memorial Gardens, with a hedge maze perfect for hidden trysts, or want to explain that the guard shack near the docks has a trap door, and what lies beneath it? This is the tier for you.
(includes all bonuses from the $35 tier - PDF, story, early access)

Estimated delivery : 10/2013

Pledge $250 or more

2 Supporters (2 of 4 remaining)

Describe one of the girls the game will launch with! Is she a shy virgin just run away from home or a fiery blue-haired beauty with piercings and a bad attitude?
(includes all bonuses from the $35 tier - PDF, story, early access)

Estimated delivery : 07/2013

Pledge $500 or more

0 Supporters (2 of 2 remaining)

Spoilers! I have the game plotted out in advance. Up to two lucky people can learn: Who the player used to work for. Why Wend is an airhead. Who really runs the city. And more.

Includes all bonuses from the $250 tier as well - describing one of the girls.

Estimated delivery : 10/2013

Pledge $1,000 or more

1 Supporter (1 of 2 remaining)

A special something for a person who feels like they can't live without seeing this made.

In addition to the $250 and $500 reward levels, I will
A) commission 10 pieces of original artwork for your girl.
B) make a name of your choosing the default player name (for one gender).

Estimated delivery : 10/2013

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