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Adult App for Android - 3gDancers

About The Project

We will produce very high quality erotic dance videos for download to smartphones.

Actual shooting for the video content will take about a month. Followed by the post production work that includes editing and scoring the original music for each video.

Our goal is to make each individual video a work of art. To create content that is titilating and sublime. Content that ytransports the viewer to a different place.

A video that creates a close intimate bond with each dancer. 

The Android Application will be free and the videos will be competitively priced.

Every dollar will go towards production and all the behind the scenes stuff that makes it possible to create the highest quality erotic content.

All the current content available for smartphones is content recycled from VHS to DVD and none of it is specific to the smartphone market.

These new devices need NEW content.

3gDancers will be that content.

As a film producer (http://www.imdb.com/name/nm3597364/) i know how important it is to use the basic building blocks of storytelling when creating content.

Cinematography, Set Design, and Costuming are routine in all aspects of film-making except for the adult category.

We intend to change that.

We intend to light properly and to film each dancer with the same attention to detail that made the scenes in Flashdance so popular. 

We are asking for your help to make this project a success. 

Necessary Funds                                                    $65,000

 Dancers                                                                 $25,000
 Camera Crew                                                         $5,000
 Miscellaneous Crew (Makeup, Hair, Etc.)         $2,000
 Studio Space                                                          $5,000
 Lodging and Transportation                                $5,000

Post Production
 Editing                                                                    $10,000
 Music                                                                        $5,000

Application Costs
 Application Development                                     $5,000
 Servers                                                                     $2,000



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Estimated delivery : 11/2012

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Estimated delivery : 11/2012

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$5 - Cassandra - 3gDancers

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please download and watch on your phone or device or even your tv

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