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  • 2015. The game is more "almost finished" than ever! (I have nothing to show)

    Hello, my dearest dreamers. It's been two years now since you've first backed this product. I'm sure you're all very aching to play AD3. Well, it's not done. It would be cool to say "My work here is never done", but I don't think it would please anyone if I did, but I assure you, the game is always sort of almost done. 

    Recent developments since last update:

    October 2014- Art and Story is at 95% completion. Due to delays from my programmer partner, I decided to help him with his burden…

  • Good news! I have not run away with your money!

    Work in progress

    Hello. We're still working on this. It's not done, and I was wrong about the estimated time to completion, since it was supposed to be released at the beginning of this year. Sorry.

    The reason I don't ever post updates is because the work I've been doing so far is not very suitable for an update. Most of the progress this year was focused on storywriting, so I either didn't want to spoil the story or I'd feel that pasting story content into an update would not make for a…

  • Attention all Space Captains...

    AD3 production is well underway. I'm making art assets and writing stories from day to day, and Will is writing code. If you wish to have more frequent updates, please visit my blog over at the hentaicook website. The game will launch later than originally estimated, and I will announce the release date when I have a more accurate estimate. Once the main game is finished, I'll ensure that the other rewards are fulfilled.

    Remember when you look to the night sky, somewhere out in space…

About The Project

"Zombies. Guns. Hot Babes. Breasts of Mass Destruction. The Dark Planet, Thursday Nights at 8, Galactic Time."

Aching Dreams 3: The Dark Planet is an Adult Hentai Dating Sim Computer Game.

Aching Dreams 3: The Dark Planet allows you to be in command of the Iacchus Space Station, and its survivor crew. The captain of the station has died from an alien zombie infection. You're the new Acting Captain, commanding your Survivors and holding off the Alien Horde. EarthGov decides to not waste their money on rescuing you, so you and your crew make a Reality TV show about killing zombies to raise the money to fund a rescue mission home!


Aching Dreams 3 features:

  • An exciting cast of characters, all unique in personality and physique.
  • Dating sim style gameplay with dialogue choices and multiple storylines.
  • Command and shooting gameplay, with elements of survival directly tieing into the dating sim.
  • Guns, character abilities, and multiple enemies add depth to the strategic gameplay.
  • Day to day management of the crew. Assign your crew to work on various tasks based on their skillsets.
  • Survival gameplay. Conserve your ammunition, repair your barricade, and hold out for as long as possible to get the most rewards.
  • Lots of sex animations for the captains that survive the alien onslaught.


To learn more about Aching Dreams, click your virtual butt on over to http://www.hentaicook.com




Achieved of $5,000 Goal


Project Finished

Successful - This project reached its goal of $5,000 on March 30 and ended April 1, 2013

Rewards Available

Support by pledging money.

Pledge $5 or more

0 Supporters

8.5 x 11 inch print of the Aching Dreams 3 poster. The AD3 poster will look similar to the AD2 poster: http://www.hentaicook.com/images/ad2postersm.jpg. Shipping and Handling free in the US.

Estimated delivery : 01/2014

Pledge $15 or more

13 Supporters

A digital copy of Aching Dreams 3. Sorry, no offline copies are available, and the game must be played with an active internet connection.

Estimated delivery : 01/2014

Pledge $20 or more

1 Supporter

The two above rewards, and a special assault rifle unlocked in the game for you (You save 5$).

Estimated delivery : 01/2014

Pledge $25 or more

80 Supporters

All of the above rewards and the Upcoming Expansion Pack that comes out after the game's release. The expansion pack adds 4 girls to the game. (Offbeatr Special- You save a total 10$!)

Estimated delivery : 01/2014

Pledge $100 or more

11 Supporters

All of the previous tiers and the Ultimate Survivor Kit: Your survivors will take considerably less damage in game than normal survivors.

Estimated delivery : 01/2014

Pledge $750 or more

1 Supporter (5 of 6 remaining)

All of the rewards above except the $400 reward, and you can play in a Sci-Fi D&D campaign over the internet with me (broken into 5 sessions of 3 hours each). I'll draw your character to your specifications (within reason). If everybody likes your character, who knows, I might even throw her in AD3.

Estimated delivery : 01/2014

Pledge $400 or more

3 Supporters (0 of 3 remaining)

All of the above rewards, and you can direct your own scene with one of the characters from Aching Dreams 2 or 3, drawn for you, but everyone will get to see it too. Drawing requests must be made within reason, as I do not cover all fetishes.

Estimated delivery : 01/2014

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